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Rocky Men's 8 Inch Broadhead 800G Hunting Boot

Rocky Men's 8 Inch Broadhead 800G Hunting Boot


Rocky Men's 8 Inch Broadhead 800G Hunting Boot

Rocky Men's 8 Inch Broadhead 800G Hunting Boot:当社のウェブサイトは唯一の公式オンラインポータルです。 超人気,タイムセール,最新号掲載アイテムRocky Men's 8 Inch Broadhead 800G Hunting Boot %Breadcrumbs% %Product_Content%


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Rocky Men's 8 Inch Broadhead 800G Hunting Boot


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  • メイン素材: 分類外繊維(Textile)
  • ソール素材または裏地: ゴム, エチレン酢酸ビニル


Rocky Broadhead Waterproof Insulated Outdoor Boots are designed for the intense hunter, especially the bow hunter who walks farther, stays longer, and wants lightweight boots. Broadhead hunting boots are waterproof outdoor boots. Rocky guarantees that they keep your feet dry as you walk through mud, over soggy ground and among wet leaves. And if you're walking, you want to walk comfortably. The Broadhead is designed as a men's comfortable boot with an EVA midsole and a special, lightweight aggressive rubber skin outsole. Despite the great tread and grip on this outsole, this boot is 33 percent lighter than the average hunting boot. That's important if you're going to walk the extra mile after your prey; you don't want bulky boots. These lightweight boots also help you move easier, more quickly shifting direction and making less noise than you would in heavy, cumbersome boots. The boot upper is made of ripstop nylon to stand up to underbrush. This features a Realtree Xtra; camo pattern that helps you blend well with your surroundings. You definitely want camouflage hunting boots. Additional performance comes from the interior features of these outdoor boots. The moisture management lining does exactly as it implies; it manages moisture to help prevent your feet from sweating. It's a good feature to have because your feet will stay warm during those long hours of hunting. These are insulated hunting boots with an extra-warm 800 grams of 3M? Thinsulate? Insulation. Get the Broadhead: it promises to go the distance with even the most dedicated of bow hunters.


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